A little old-fashioned basket bag made in Indonesia


Craftsman hand knitting, rattan basket bag, made in Indonesia

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A basket bag handmade by an Indonesian craftsman.
A little old-fashioned design that makes you imagine an old Japanese shopping basket♪
As it has a simple design, it is perfect for both Western and Japanese clothes! It’s cute to match with a yukata.

Since there is a gusset, luggage can be put in firmly.
The inside of the basket is sewn with a purse-type cloth, so it is safe because the contents do not pop out or become completely visible♪
Since the metal fittings are attached to the bottom part, it will not damage the bottom when placed on the floor.

Inside Rattan
diameter :42cm(Including handle)
27cm(only a main part)
width :33cm
Cloth purse is sewn on
〇Inner cloth
Blue horizontal stripes
〇With inner pocket

※Since we make each one by hand using natural materials, there may be some size errors, slight distortion, and minor scratches.
Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.