Coin purse (pink) that pleases your pocket Made by ARTISANS ANGKOR


Made by ARTISANS ANGKOR, Cambodian silk, hand-woven handmade silk, mini pouch, coin case, jewelry case, coin purse, accessory case

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The silk pouch has the unique luster of silk and is small and cute. It is very convenient to put coins, accessories and lipstick. If you put it in this pouch, small items will not get lost in the bag. 〇material Cambodian silk 〇size Vertical center: 80mm Vertical edge : 60mm width top : 85mm width bottom : 50mm depth : 25mm 〇color pink ※Because it is handmade, there may be some error in size. ※Since it is hand woven, it may have uneven weaving. ※The mats shown in the photo are not included.