A simple foldable stage “Stage Kids” with you as the main character(mini)


Assembled Simple Stage Kit ,Stage Kids
Cardboard Simple Stage-Stage Kids, Assembly Stage, Repeatable Folding Stage

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I wanted such a stage.
Made from reinforced cardboard, which is as strong as wood and weighs about 1/3.
It can be used repeatedly and is easy to carry.
Fun to assemble! A portable stage that can be loaded into a car.
Unlike a metal stage, it is light, easy, and easy to carry.
The Stage Kids will be folded into a bag when folded.

When performing an event in a public place such as a park, it is basically impossible to pierce the ground and set up a stage.
If you set up a stage at a station or public hall, you may have problems such as damage to the floor.
Stage kids solve such troubles!
By assembling the bag type stage kit, a simple stage is completed.

height 30cm
length 100cm
width 100cm
weight about 7.7kg

※960kg passed the pressure resistance test.
※made in japan・Patent pending.
※Since it is cardboard, please be careful about moisture.