Basket bag for people who want to bring various things


Hand-woven skin rattan + skin basket bag, large capacity handbag with inner cloth, made in Indonesia

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Indonesian hand-knitted skin and rattan A4 size basket bag
The bag is full and the bag is full.
I can’t fit in one bag, so I have to carry two and three bags・・・
Those people don’t need to worry anymore!

It is a bag made by an Indonesian craftsman.
Since it is carefully knitted, it is very durable.
Since the handle is leather, it feels soft and smooth to the touch. Even if your luggage gets heavy, your hands will not hurt.
The handle is long enough to hang on your shoulder.

The inside is a black cloth and the upper part is a drawstring type that can be squeezed.
Rest assured that your precious wallet will not pop out and the bag will not be completely visible.♪

Skin and Inside Rattan
Vertical :50cm(Including handle)
32cm (only a main part)
Width :50cm
depth:16cm 〇Inside
Cloth purse is sewn on
〇Inner cloth
A drawstring type with a black upper part
〇Internal pockets on both sides
Two large and small inner pockets are attached

※Since we make each one by hand using natural materials, there may be some size errors, slight distortion, and minor scratches.
Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.