A basket bag that goes well with adults. Made in Indonesia


3way hand-knit bag, skin rattan + skin, beige brown horizontal stripe pattern, made in Indonesia, craftsman knitting

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Why don’t you wear an elegant basket bag to go out in an adult outfit?

Since the handle is made of skin, the touch on the hand is soft and smooth.
You can use it as a shoulder bag by attaching the attached string.
Since the cloth in the bag is a drawstring type and the entrance can be squeezed, the contents do not pop out or the inside is not visible♪
The inside cloth has two pockets, large and small, and a zipper pocket, for a total of three pockets. You can rest assured that your important things are safe.
There is also a depth, so you can put in your wallet, makeup tools, towels and more!

Skin and Skin Rattan
diameter :37cm(Including handle)
width :32cm
Cloth purse is sewn on
〇Inner cloth
Beige and brown horizontal stripes
〇Internal pockets on both sides
There is a zipper on one side. There are two large and small inner pockets on the other side.
Shoulder strap

※The mats shown in the photo are not included.
※Since we make each one by hand using natural materials, there may be some size errors, slight distortion, and minor scratches.
Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.