Glasses case that can be carried small


A stylish eyeglass case made of silk.
Silk, makeup brush case, eyeglass case, pen case, ARTISANS ANGKOR, Cambodian silk, handmade, handwoven silk

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It is a two-color eyeglass case in which the outer and inner buttons are made in different colors.
The business card holder is made of glossy cloth made of delicate inner cocoon thread.
The cloth is made of fluffy fabric like quilting, so even if you put it in your bag, it will not damage your glasses.

Unlike machine products, handwoven silk has a unique texture and softness as it is used.
It is also nice to use as a pencil case other than eyeglass cases.

Cambodian silk

※Because it is handmade, there may be some error in size.
※Since it is hand woven, it may have uneven weaving.
※Accessories such as mats shown in the photo are not included.