Your beautiful make-up brush case, red, made by ARTISANS ANGKOR


Craftsman hand-woven, handmade, Cambodian silk, makeup brush case, pen case, pouch

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I love fashion! This make-up brush case is perfect for you who are always beautiful. Made of a shiny cloth made of delicate silk threads from the inner cocoon.
The makeup brush case made of fine silk is three-dimensional with a soft silk cloth and a firm gusset.
You can carry it without damaging the important brush tip or crushing the brush tip.
Rest assured that you will not roll when you remake your makeup.

In addition, it can be used elegantly as a pen case or accessory case.
Unlike machine products, handwoven silk has a unique texture and softness as it is used.

Cambodian silk
length :180mm
width :40mm

※Because it is handmade, there may be some error in size.
※Since it is hand woven, it may have uneven weaving.
※The mats shown in the photo are not included.