made in “mokurieito” Watch holder


It is a natural wooden watch stand like a work of art
watch holder,natural wood,hand made,Furniture scraps,eco-friendly,made in japan

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watch holder,hand made,Furniture scraps,eco-friendly,made in japan
It is a storage room for watches made by Japanese chair craftsmen for scraps.

You can use it as a room or bedside clock if you wear your favorite watch
It is made of natural wood and not painted, so enjoy the natural texture of natural wood.
It is cute even if you decorate Jewelry goods other than the clock and decorate the room ♪

・Natural wood
・Overall W 80mm/D 210mm/H 140mm (about)

【Points to note when purchasing】
※Wood is not painted and waxed.
※Because it is handmade, there may be size errors, slight distortion, and small scratches.
※Accessories other than the products shown in the photo are not included.
※If dirty, wash with water and dry well.
※Since it is made by hand using natural chair edge material, the color and grain of the wood may differ from the photo, and the size may differ. Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.
※If you are worried about a product, please contact us in advance.

Please purchase after understanding the above points