Free-use wooden medium-sized plate made in mokurieito


Wooden plate, medium size plate, accessory plate, accessory, wooden tableware, handmade by craftsman, made in Japan, furniture material, ecological product using scrap wood, natural wood
It is a wood plate carefully handcrafted by craftsmen one by one.

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It is a product carefully crafted by skilled woodcraftworker one by one.
A wooden-sized plate that is convenient for tableware, jewelry, and key holders.
Because it is household items made from scraps for chairs, it is very durable and can be used for a long time.
You can place pens and accessories in addition to tableware and use it freely.
As we use wax for tableware that considers the human body and the environment, even small children can use it with confidence.
・Natural wood
・Overall W 180mm/D 110mm/H 11mm

※It uses tableware wax, even small children can use it with confidence.
※Because it is handmade, there may be size errors, slight distortion, and small scratches.
※Accessories other than the products shown in the photo are not included.
※he dishwasher can not be used.
※If dirty, wash with water and dry well.
※It is stronger than glass or ceramics, but please be careful as it may break if dropped from a high position.
※Since it is made by hand using natural chair edge material, the color and grain of the wood may differ from the photo, and the size may differ.
Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.

Please purchase after understanding the above points.