made in “mokurieito” Wooden spoon fork set


Wooden spoon fork set wooden spoon wooden fork craftsman handmade furniture scraps tableware
The craftsman sharpened it one by one by hand.
This is a safe spoon fork set using chair scraps and no wax.

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made in “mokurieito” Wooden spoon fork set
It is a safe spoon that does not use wax handcrafted by woodworkers one by one.
Since it is cut by hand one by one, the soft form and natural texture are very cute.
The furniture is made of wood, so it is very durable and can be used for a long time.
It is an eco-friendly wooden spoon fork set that uses scraps from furniture.
We do not use wax, we finish only with tableware oil.
Because it is very light and strong, it can be used with confidence from the elderly to children.

・Natural wood

・length (about)150mm

【Points to note when purchasing】
※Because it is handmade, there may be size errors, slight distortion, and small scratches.
※Accessories other than the products shown in the photo are not included.
※he dishwasher can not be used.
If dirty, wash with water and dry well.
※It is stronger than glass or ceramics, but please be careful as it may break if dropped from a high position.
※We make each one by hand using the material of the chair made of natural materials. Photos may differ in color depth and grain, and may differ in size and shape.
Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.
※If you are worried about a product, please contact us in advance.
Please purchase after understanding the above points