A clutch bag that suits the sun. Made in Indonesia


Indonesian craftsman handmade pandanus basket clutch bag, hand pandanus clutch basket bag, made in Indonesia, handmade, bag in bag

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It is a clutch bag woven by Indonesian craftsmen by hand.
It is a bag that looks good with bright sunshine.

It can be used as a clutch back or as a back-in-back.☆
Since there is a depth, you can enter a lot of wallets, mobile phones and makeup tools!

A black cloth is sewn on the inside of the bag, so the luggage and material will not be scratched and damaged.
The top lid stops with a magnet, so it’s safe☆
The corners of the bag also have metal decorations, which doubles the cuteness. The strength also increases, so you can use it for a long time.

length :16cm
Sew the cloth

※Since we make each one by hand using natural materials, there may be some size errors, slight distortion, and minor scratches.
Please enjoy the gentle texture of natural materials.